What did Jesus do?

Lord, you yourself know how there’s no pain like this pain of being rejected. Not only rejected, but sometimes even mistreated. You understand how much strength it takes to accept what I’ve gone through. It took more strength than I’ve needed for anything I’ve done before.

I’ve heard that you just accepted your pain, Lord. You didn’t cower like I did at first. You didn’t strike back like I did too many times. But you transformed your own pain into something with which you could help others deal with theirs.

And you carried on, Jesus. In spite of the rejection, you carried on. What an example for me!

You’re showing me how I should stand up and be strong, not allowing myself to be a victim when I find myself stigmatized. To rise above the pain, the anger and the bitterness.

Lord, will you help me be like you in how I deal with this pain? Help me share your story and how you understand those who are feeling rejected. They too can rise above it. Yes, we who struggle with mental health issues, have as much good inside ourselves as anyone – good that can’t be denied.

God tells us: “You are a person like any other, with much to offer. I have made you, and – as the saying goes – I don’t make junk.”