I’ve gone far enough with my story. There’s lots more, but much is already covered elsewhere. I now want to tell you what motivated me to write this series.

I feel my rights as a human being, and the rights of others with mental illness, are too often considered unimportant. Yet, not taking them seriously can cause incredible suffering. A person with mental illness could be robbed of the kind of life everyone deserves—a life with self-esteem intact, a life where they’re treated in a just manner, a life when they’re considered equal under God.

I had tried to be the best I could be—for Jesus, for the people I ministered to. But my health started failing and–whether for that reason or another– it appears I became despised. Attitudes towards me changed and I was treated differently from what I used to be.Through psychotherapy and reviewing old journals and emails, I have come to see that there was gross discrimination against me. I was treated unkindly, with disrespect, and there was an unwillingness to include me in discussion.