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Grant me your peace. Please? (2019)

My Lord, my God. I want an end to all this fighting. You made me to share your love. You made me to encourage and comfort in your name. To write devotionals that will give strength and assurance of your love to those who need it. How I love that work you’ve given me, Lord! […]


My face like flint (2019)

In recent years I’ve had to fight hard just to survive the pain. In the previous post I said this: “You have to be willing to take a stand, let them at you, and not run away – ever. And we can do that because “the Sovereign Lord helps [us].” And God has taught me […]


I will not be put to shame

LIVING ROOM MEMORIES  192  (September 24, 2008) This morning I read something in Isaiah 50:5-7 that was perfect for me to read at this time. Isn’t it something how God will give you words when you most need them? Words that you might at any other time overlook? I’ve copied this into my journal and […]


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