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Maintaining focus

LIVING ROOM MEMORIES  34  (December 13, 2006) I’ve decided that my main focus this Christmas has to be to create a clean happy home for our two mothers, my son and his wife, and my sisters when they come. I’m only going to bake two things: shortbread is done and I still want to make […]


Stuff vs relationships

LIVING ROOM MEMORIES  32 (December 9, 2006) I mentioned a few posts ago the stress I was feeling connected to Christmas. I honestly didn’t look forward to it. Felt like crawling into a hole and staying there until the season was all over with. But I’ve changed my tune and am now enjoying myself. I […]


Stupid me!

LIVING ROOM MEMORIES  18  (October 16, 2006) Anyone who is familiar with my blog knows how I always say I’m not much affected by stigma – as though I’ve risen above it. Well I haven’t risen above it, and I guess no one with a mental disorder will for many years. I got careless today […]


A stressed leader

LIVING ROOM MEMORIES 10  (September 19, 2006) It’s happening again. Something that happens to me over and over it seems. I take on one little thing. It’s little – can’t hurt, can it? Then I take on another little thing. And the little things lead to other things. I find it so hard to say […]

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