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Plaszow – A life worth living – Part 45

PLASZOW[1] In late 1944, Plaszow and all its sub-camps had to be evacuated in face of the Russian advance. More than 20,000 men, women and children were sent to extermination camps. Although Schindler was ordered to evacuate, he managed to receive authorization to continue production in a factory he and his wife set up in […]


Krakow – A life worth living – Part 43

Emalia KRAKOW In September 1939, the German army invaded Poland, occupying Krakow. This ancient Polish city became the seat of the German occupation administration and was home to some 60,000 Jews. The city attracted German entrepreneurs hoping to capitalize on Poland’s adversities and make a fortune. Schindler was one of them. He appeared to thrive […]


Oskar Schindler and the Holocaust – Part 41

Now we’re going to make a big jump—from a doctor in the depths of Africa to a Nazi profiteer who saved 1,200 Jews. You will find this an interesting story.   THE HOLOCAUST In January 1933, Adolph Hitler and his Nazi regime came to power in Germany, starting a twelve year rampage against all peoples […]


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