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After the war – A life worth living – Part 47

During the final days of the war, Schindler smuggled himself back into Germany into Allied-controlled territory. He was by now destitute and almost unknown. Jewish relief organizations and groups of Jewish survivors were able to support him modestly over the years. When Schindler visited Israel in 1961, on the first of 17 visits, he was […]


Oskar Schindler, a complex man – A life worth living – Part 42

Holocaust scholar, Louis Bülow describes Schindler this way: “To 1,200 Jews a womanizing, heavy-drinking, German-Catholic industrialist and Nazi Party member named Oskar Schindler was all that stood between them and death at the hands of the Nazis…Today there are more than 8,500 descendants of his Jews living in the U.S., Europe and Israel.” Schindler’s imperfections […]


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