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Discussion about stigma at living room

LIVING ROOM MEMORIES  182  (August 5, 2008) At Living Room this Friday I’d like to once more discuss the topic of stigma. Stigma is something so many of us have trouble dealing with. Stigma often causes even more pain than the symptoms of our illness do. Stigma causes many of us to deny we have […]


Living without shame

LIVING ROOM MEMORIES  65  (April 26, 2007) At Living Room tomorrow I’m going to open a discussion on stigma and how it has – or has not – affected us. I’m sure everyone will have stories of when they’ve been hurt or misunderstood. I believe stigma is the greatest enemy of those who live with […]


Living with borderline: part 5 – betrayal

DIARY: Waking up, flooded with painful memories once more. Having given all she had, yet robbed. Robbed of all she invested, all that had made her feel worthy.   When something or someone is stolen from me while I’m rendered helpless because of mental ill health, the pain is excruciating. Being hurt in this way […]


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