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Please pray

LIVING ROOM MEMORIES  200  (November 5, 2008) I feel heavily burdened today for a friend, a Living Room member, who is in hospital. Her psychiatrist certified her and she is not allowed her clothes. On top of that, he and her therapist have turned her over to a new psychiatrist, withdrawing from her case. This […]


Comment on in the company of Jesus (2019)

Copying from the previous post: “I do feel Jesus close and feel Him closer in the sharing of Him with others.” I’m very close to Jesus at times, especially when I’m in pain. I feel him close when I write about him too. But I think I feel him closest when I’m sharing him with […]


Where did my friends go? (2019)

In the previous post on coping I wrote, “My friends and my church are very important to me though. They’re my support system and I stay in close touch with them.” Throughout this story about me and Living Room you will have read how much I valued my friends – three in particular. I received […]


Difficulties coping

LIVING ROOM MEMORIES  195  (October 7, 2008) I feel a bit like a nun – have felt like that for quite awhile now – tied to the work I do, paying little attention to the world around me. I never watch TV. Don’t keep track of the news – not via radio, TV, or newspaper. […]


Getting on track

LIVING ROOM MEMORIES  184  (August 25, 2008) Yesterday morning I had a great two hour quiet time, journaling, writing yesterday’s post, and emailing a friend. Prayer was a big part of it. By the end of that time I felt quite a bit better. One blogging friend listed several things I needed to do to […]


Overwhelmed – I’m only one person!

LIVING ROOM MEMORIES  183  (August 24, 2008) I’m healthy, but – I think quite understandably – feeling overwhelmed about all the things I have on my plate. I feel as though I’m trying to live the lives of half a dozen people, all at one time. And I don’t know how I’m going to manage […]


Comment on friends (2019)

The person in the previous post is one of many individuals I befriended while leading Living Room for nine years. I often wonder how they are. I grieve having had to step down from my Living Room group three or so years ago. But loss of the group is not all I grieve. I very […]


Feeling high

LIVING ROOM MEMORIES  168  (June 9, 2008) I’ve been stable for so long I had almost forgotten I can still have mood swings just like other people with bipolar disorder. Funny how you start thinking you’re invincible. Today I’m realizing that I’m showing some signs of hypomania. I’ve had such a hunger to read books […]


Comment on work I can do (2019)

Yes, I was deeply grateful for my Living Room ministry and for being useful in this way. Grateful to have work I was able to do. But when I lost it due to ill health, I suffered greatly. Not just from my illness – greater than I’d ever experienced in the past – but from […]


Comment on waiting patiently (2019)

In the previous post you read the following:  Unfortunately, being patient and hopeful is pretty difficult during times of depression. It’s the nature of depression to take away hope. And we often don’t feel God’s presence at times like that either, so it becomes hard to trust Him. Fear takes over. It’s good at times […]

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