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Comment on publicity & stigma (2019)

In commenting on the previous post, I can only say that today – in 2019 – I had forgotten how well the media had picked up on the need for awareness. I had forgotten so much since those early days. So gratifying to see how they were listening. I’m grateful that God gave me the […]


Comments on happiness (2019)

A “new chapter of my life will begin” my friend said after the party. It will be to promote my book, making sure I make a dent in the stigma – especially the stigma in the church. Well, since that day in 2008, I haven’t been so good at promoting my books – A Firm […]


Comment on Fighting injustice (2019)

Copying from the previous post: Too many have forgotten that Jesus was a radical, not happy with the status quo. The way the world is today is no better – and probably worse – than it was in Jesus’ time. If we’re to be followers of Christ we need to be radical, as he was, […]


Focus on activism

LIVING ROOM MEMORIES  154  (April 24, 2008) My work is Living Room. It’s so very important to me. But I know there’s more to life than this. At times I think I’m living like a nun, cloistered. I don’t read the newspapers, don’t listen to the news on the radio, don’t watch any TV, hardly […]


I’m seething!

LIVING ROOM MEMORIES  112  (November 12, 2007) I’ve been happy lately about how I’m able to control my anger, especially towards those who don’t understand mental illness. I wrote recently about how we have to be patient with and learn to be “understanding of those who don’t understand”. But sometimes my patience wears thin and […]


Stigma in church causes damage

LIVING ROOM MEMORIES  107  ( October 23, 2007) Why don’t people within the church feel comfortable discussing mental health issues? I think a major reason is that people don’t understand mental illness enough to be able to talk about it. They need education but are often not willing to be educated. Often it is fear. […]


Understanding people who don’t understand

LIVING ROOM MEMORIES  101  (September 19, 2007) In the last post I talked about how my congregation learned to understand and support people with mental illness. I think one important thing that helps me when I try to educate and help people understand mental health issues – whether it’s through writing or meeting with them […]


Not a positive topic

LIVING ROOM MEMORIES  66  (April 28, 2007) At Living Room yesterday we talked about stigma and how it affects our lives with mood disorders. The discussion time was good. Many of the people around the table had thoughts to contribute. But when I tried to find something hopeful to bring out of the discussion, something […]


Living without shame

LIVING ROOM MEMORIES  65  (April 26, 2007) At Living Room tomorrow I’m going to open a discussion on stigma and how it has – or has not – affected us. I’m sure everyone will have stories of when they’ve been hurt or misunderstood. I believe stigma is the greatest enemy of those who live with […]


Stigma in the church (as it was in 2006)

LIVING ROOM MEMORIES  25 (November 5, 2006) A friend recently talked about her wish for church support for her battles with bipolar. This, once more, made me feel the great need for spiritual support for people with this disorder. When we believe in God, we need to be able to talk with others who share […]

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