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No new Living Room groups to be built (2019)

On June 14, 2010 I wrote the following: “I do love to care for people and to make Living Room things happen. Living Room is exciting. So many people coming to believe in it and wanting to start their own group. While I was away I read a book that drew my attention to Isaiah […]


Living room keeps us well

LIVING ROOM MEMORIES  111  (November 10, 2007) Yesterday was another Living Room meeting. And it is truly amazing how I come away from those meetings feeling a wonderful, quiet joy – a rejuvenation. When I started facilitating Living Room I had never expected these deep feelings of peace – this holy joy – would be […]


Recommended by therapist

LIVING ROOM MEMORIES  63  (April 18, 2007) Yesterday I had a call from a therapist who wanted to know about Living Room. He wants to send his Christian clients to us because so often they feel that being depressed means that they’re bad Christians. They also don’t want to take medication. Living Room is a […]


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