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author, mental health activist, follower of Christ

Highs and Lows in God’s World

Release Date: June 6, 2017 Paperback, ISBN: 978-1-36-413330-6 In this book author Marja Bergen shares her response to the living world and to the God who created it. Her hope is that the reader will be as inspired as she is by nature’s beauty and wonder. Marja has been writing meditations for over four years, […]


Hope for Our Highs and Lows

Release Date: March 21, 2017 Paperback, ISBN: 978-1366229946 What is it that makes Jesus appealing to so many? Marja, a person living with mental health issues, decided to find out by trying to put herself into the world in which Jesus lived – to make Him come alive. How might He affect her life? Using […]


Highs and Lows for Our Inner Child

Release Date: March 21, 2017 Paperback, ISBN: 978-1366231550 Wouldn’t it be wonderful to be a child again? Couldn’t we be? Just a little bit? -But I stopped being a child long ago, – you might say. But did you? Did you really? Did your childhood completely leave you when you became an adult? Can you […]


Reflections For Our Highs and Lows

Release Date: October 15, 2014 Publisher: Word Alive, 72 pages, ISBN: 978-1-4866-0231-5 A gift book for people living with the ups and downs of life. Although begun as writings for people living with mental health issues, the devotionals express truths for everyone, no matter what they experience in life. The 28 devotionals are richly illustrated […]


A Firm Place To Stand

Release Date: July 19, 2008 Trade Paperback, 220 pages, ISBN: 978-1-897373-45-3 For too long, society, including the church, has misunderstood and feared individuals who live with mental health problems. This book dispels the lingering stigma and encourages people to lovingly welcome the sufferers into congregations by understanding them better and supporting them in practical ways. […]


Riding the Roller Coaster

Trade Paperback, 154 pages, ISBN: 978-1-897373-45-3 In this, one of the earlier books written by a person with bipolar disorder about life with the disease, Marja Bergen shares practical tips on such things as escaping the blues before they grab you, what to do when you don’t feel like doing anything, and keeping life stable. […]


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