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Reflections For Our Highs and Lows

So often it’s hard to know how to help friends who are having mental health problems. Marja’s book offers a way. Reflections for our Highs and Lows, richly illustrated with colour photographs, makes an ideal gift. When she began to write these twenty-eight devotionals she had people in mind who were suffering in this way. However, the thoughts she expresses are words of truth for everyone, no matter what they are experiencing in life. Marja brings an understanding to her writing that comes from having lived with bipolar disorder since 1965.

In the book Marja reflects on Bible verses, using stories and experiences from her own life and other people’s lives. Readers can see God’s Word come alive and learn to survive and thrive as they put their trust in God. Marja’s passion is to comfort, encourage, and inspire as she shares her reflections.
Excerpt from the story Come and Have Breakfast:

“I think of how it might be for me, after suffering a long dark night of the soul, feeling lost and alone, distant from God. I think of how I might feel in the early morning light, arriving on shore and having Jesus greet me with “come and have breakfast.” The relief, the comfort, the peace, like the embrace of a compassionate friend. Yes, this picture speaks to me. Can you see how the same Jesus who met the disciples on shore two thousand years ago is ready to meet you on your shore today?”

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Marja Bergen, long-time mental health activist and founder of Living Room Mood Disorder Support Ministry has authored two books before this one: Riding the Roller Coaster (1999) and A Firm Place to Stand (2008). Having lived with bipolar disorder since 1965, she writes from a place of understanding and compassion.


Responses to Marja’s Weekly Devotionals:

Thank you so much for doing these beautiful and inspiring emails. They have made such a difference in my life when I just needed some encouragement or to feel that I was not alone with my illness. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate it. – SA

I relate so much to your experiences and struggles. What hope and light you bring through Jesus in your writings! Thank you for continuing to write my friend, truly inspiring and moving, brought me right back Jesus’ side. I continue to share your devotionals with friends in Canada and Grand Cayman. – LY

As ever, your weekly email is superb and right on target for me, and many others, no doubt! THANK YOU. You allow God to work so well through you. – DF

Thanks for all the great writings you send. They always make me smile. I hope you find peace that is lasting, but I seem to experience peace in waves….as if the Lord shows up and everything is great….for a while and then I forget. Then the Lord reminds me again through letters like yours that peace is always there, because he never leaves nor forsakes. – SH

Yes please do continue writing! Your devotionals have helped me and several friends very much! Your photographs are wonderful too. Praise the Lord for gifting you as a writer and a photographer! – SS


Book cover: A Firm Place to StandBook cover: Riding the Rollercoaster

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