The justice this series will talk about is the entitlement for everyone to have the same fundamental human rights—the right to equality and dignity, and freedom from all forms of discrimination.

There are many human rights movements active today. But attention to equal rights for people with mental illness is sorely lacking. It’s time to wake up to this injustice. Just because the situation has always been this way, doesn’t make it right. People don’t even notice when they’re discriminating against others. It’s accepted. Not given a second thought.

Leo Tolstoy is quoted saying, “Wrong does not cease to be wrong because the majority share in it.”

Examples of Rights Being Violated:

  • A person with mental illness is generally not treated as one of equal worth. They’re looked down on, treated with disrespect. Low self-esteem and poor confidence result.
  • They are often excluded from groups and activities.
  • When in conflict with a person in authority, the person with mental illness is blamed.
  • When claims of mistreatment are made, for example, a person with mental illness is not given a fair hearing.

When people have rights like these denied, they feel powerless—without hope of having the wrongs done to them addressed. They feel as though they’re not considered as human as others. This is often the point at which they don’t want to live anymore.

We who live with mental health problems and other disabilities often find ourselves victims of injustice. Can we learn to stand up against it?

I wonder if reading this series might help you find the strength and the courage to do that? With the help of God as your partner, you very well might, one step at a time.


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