Don’t you find it strange why, when there is a conflict between a powerful pastor and a person with a history of mental illness, the pastor is assumed to be right? The person with mental health issues doesn’t have a chance. Why is that so?

Why was she given the blame for the trauma that occurred to her during her last year at the church, the church that had at one time meant so much to her? She was the one who was hurt.

Why is this person’s word not believed? She had been respected as a writer of Christian reflections, emailing them weekly to 280 or more as well as posting them on her blog. Does her understanding of the Bible and her ability to make it come alive not show her wisdom and understanding of truth?

Does her success in ministering to those suffering from mental health issues not show her as the “pastor of sorts” some consider her to be? Why is the powerful pastor who preaches in a church more believable than the one who writes (for a much bigger audience)?

Why was this person’s spotless reputation suddenly forgotten after resigning from the Living Room group she had birthed and led for nine years – after being acclaimed as a pioneer for her work in raising mental health awareness in the church. Respected leader one moment; treated as worthless the next. Why?

People who care should be concerned about what happened.

Again: I was persecuted and hurt over a period of months. Forced from my church home with the support of others. The plan from the beginning? Made to suffer for almost four years from traumatic memories – and probably will be for the rest of my life.

Tell me what I did wrong that warranted this treatment.