I’ve been having a good hard look at my hopes for this ministry – hearing from friends, hearing from God.  And I realize that I should not – with my health condition – even try to organize such a big effort. I remember the troubles I ran into in 2014 when poor health affected my ability to keep the Living Room ministry as it once was.

Was this vision all part of a hypomanic high? Maybe.

Perhaps things like online groups could happen in the future, but it would take a lot of organizing. Some of this organizational work might be better handled by people who don’t have health problems. I pray that someone will one day come forward to fill this role.

I do have resources – some of them needing work to make them ready to share. As I’m able, I will post these on my website and let you know about them.

I’ve been putting special effort into writing material that will help readers realize how God values them. I continue trying to show how – with God’s help – we can find fulfillment despite the difficulties we face. Please pray that I will allow God to lead me in this work.