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Living with borderline: part 4 – Personality or character?

BPD is referred to as a personality disorder. Does that mean that those of us who are thus diagnosed have a bad personality? And what is a personality anyway? How does it differ from character? Character refers to a set of moral and mental qualities and beliefs, that makes a person different from others. A […]


Living with borderline: part 2 – when we were children

  DIARY: Waking up – again in a place I didn’t think I’d be. Why do I feel like a child, even now? But I’m at peace. Comforted. Secure. The quilt is warm and cozy. If only I could always stay here. But life tells me I must move on. I can’t remain a child […]


Forgiven, yet…

the bad forgiven, though pain remains forgiven, yet healing doesn’t come memories linger how to end? Jesus?


A new life

Overwhelmed daily by traumatic memories from yesterday? You’re living in the past. Wash the past away with the present reality. Create a new tomorrow with memories made today.


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