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Comments on friends to turn to (2019)

Friends I was able to turn to are no longer. Those who knew me best. Those who were close during my Living Room years. Those who were like father and mother, giving comfort when I needed. All are gone. A lot was my fault. I became too much for them. Later, I myself was no […]


A letter to “down and out in South Carolina”

LIVING ROOM MEMORIES¬† 119¬† (December 1, 2007) Someone who is hurting very much right now left a response to my post, Somewhat califragelistic but grateful. This is a letter to her, and I hope it will help her deal with her pain somewhat. She asks for advice. I’m not sure I can give that, but […]


Stuff vs relationships

LIVING ROOM MEMORIES¬† 32 (December 9, 2006) I mentioned a few posts ago the stress I was feeling connected to Christmas. I honestly didn’t look forward to it. Felt like crawling into a hole and staying there until the season was all over with. But I’ve changed my tune and am now enjoying myself. I […]


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