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Pastor comes onboard – excerpt 3

  I WILL NOT HIDE – Excerpt 3 The faith-based peer support group called Living Room went into the planning stage. It was an exciting time, but not without its anxieties. I’ll never forget one meeting I had with the pastor shortly after I heard the call to start a faith-based group. I told him […]


No one in the church I could trust

And I wonder. Did I deserve all this? Was it right that the person hurting me was not stopped? I had asked for him to be confronted. Maybe he was just too powerful – not the humble person Christ calls us to be. I’m guessing the elders might not have been able to hold him […]


Who would you believe? And why?

  Don’t you find it strange why, when there is a conflict between a powerful pastor and a person with a history of mental illness, the pastor is assumed to be right? The person with mental health issues doesn’t have a chance. Why is that so? Why was she given the blame for the trauma […]


Comments on friends to turn to (2019)

Friends I was able to turn to are no longer. Those who knew me best. Those who were close during my Living Room years. Those who were like father and mother, giving comfort when I needed. All are gone. A lot was my fault. I became too much for them. Later, I myself was no […]


Agape love at living room

LIVING ROOM MEMORIES  224  (February 28, 2009) We had a Living Room meeting yesterday and it left me with the wonderful deep joy I so often feel afterwards. I will copy here part of an email I sent to my pastor about it: “Tonight I’m getting to the end of the book my friend lent […]


After living room

LIVING ROOM MEMORIES  174  (June 27, 2008) I went into Living Room today with a lot of prayer, trying to clear the clouds hanging over me. The prayers did help. The meeting felt a bit stunted, though. I thought the topic for discussion that I brought was a good one. However, the eighteen sitting around […]


Comment on gift from God (2019)

Copying from the previous post: “In closing [the pastor] said, ‘The most significant thing you can do is to build into the lives of others.’ This is something every one of us can do. Peter echoes Jesus’ call to love each other: ‘…love one another deeply, from the heart’ (1Peter 1:22) This is a love […]


Comment on too much contact (2019)

I’ve learned a lot since I wrote the previous post. Yes, I was emailing my pastor too much, though he had assured me it was OK. It would have been a good time for him to set limits when I had asked. When supporting a person with emotional needs, boundaries will be necessary if it […]


“What I wish my pastor knew about bipolar”

LIVING ROOM MEMORIES  80  (July 10, 2007) Yesterday someone googled the above and found my blog. I thought I would write on this to see if I can help by letting this person know roughly what I told my pastor when I first started coming to the church I’m now a happy member of. My […]


Living with borderline: Part 7 – growing at bpac

  Sometime after leaving Cliff Avenue I found Brentwood Park Alliance Church (BPAC). It was a big change from the United Church. The sermons were stronger and started to make a difference in my life. The Bible also spoke to me in a greater way than it had before. As a result, my walk with […]

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