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Comment on publicity & stigma (2019)

In commenting on the previous post, I can only say that today – in 2019 – I had forgotten how well the media had picked up on the need for awareness. I had forgotten so much since those early days. So gratifying to see how they were listening. I’m grateful that God gave me the […]


Creating living room – a manual – part 2

LIVING ROOM MEMORIES  94  (August 24, 2007) I want to share some of the neat things about Living Room that I cover in my new manual. Living Room is a Christian self-help group for people with depression, anxiety and bipolar disorders. Ideally facilitators should have one of these problems; they will be better able to […]


Roller coaster excitement

LIVING ROOM MEMORIES  46   (February 21, 2007) Yesterday was another great day. The Vancouver Sun photographer came to take my picture. To my surprise, he wanted more than a head and shoulder shot. He decided to take me to the roller coaster nearby and photographed me at the base of it. For a while I […]


I speak to the congregation

LIVING ROOM MEMORIES  9  (Monday, September 18, 2006) A few days ago my pastor invited me to talk at church about my support group. He wanted me to tell the congregation why I had decided to form the group. This would lead into his sermon on building authentic community. I don’t usually get too nervous […]


The good, the bad, and the ugly

LIVING ROOM MEMORIES  8  (September 16,2006) In September 2006 I had an article published online by the Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA). The title was Church Support: the Good, the Bad and the Ugly. It’s no longer online, but the following is what I wrote to my blogging pals. We all know how bad the […]


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