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I’m sorry – one more thing

  I do want to say one more thing about I Will Not Hide ( because I believe it’s the most important book I’ve written, and probably the last one to address problems faced by people with mental health issues What I share with you here, are some bits and pieces from the Introduction of […]


Enemy attacks

  I’ve heard much about Satanic attacks, and even though the Bible talks about them, they’ve been so far from my experience that I haven’t paid much attention. But over the last two or three weeks, I definitely feel I have encountered them. I was humiliated by a couple of people who showed no respect […]


I will not hide – the book

  Marja’s book, now in the works In 1993 I began my life as a mental heath activist. At that time the Vancouver Sun published my article, Sick, but No One Brought me Flowers. It described what it was like to be a patient at Riverview at the age of nineteen. People in the church […]


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