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Hanging onto thankfulness

LIVING ROOM MEMORIES  214  (December 27, 2008) Regrets and shame have brought me down lately. I’m good one day, and then something triggers me to turn to those negative emotions and thoughts and I go deeply dark. But, if I were able to get things into better perspective, the way I should and the way […]


Thinking positively

LIVING ROOM MEMORIES  212 (December 12, 2008) In spite of the snow that kept a lot of people from attending our party, we had sixteen people. It was a wonderful, intimate time. Good food and good visiting. We finished all of Janice’s turkey and almost all the stuffing. It was so good. One of our […]


Ups and downs never end

LIVING ROOM MEMORIES  211 (December 11, 2008) I had a wonderful day yesterday. I started off by baking my first batch of cookies. That energized me. Smelling the Christmassy spices emanating from my oven motivated me to do other things. My husband helped me wash all the dishes that had been collecting. It felt so […]


Impossible without support (2019)

In the previous post I talked about the moods people with bipolar go through, like the depression that had been plaguing me for such a long time. “You wonder if you can ever be counted on again,” I told my fellow bloggers. I recognized that “I’ve been fortunate. I’ve had a lot of support – […]


An endless roller coaster

LIVING ROOM MEMORIES  210  (December 9, 2008) I’ve been on a roller coaster for about two months now – times when I’ve been okay and other times when I’ve felt very down, not knowing how I can continue, wishing I could get off the ride. I’ve heard some people with bipolar say how they think […]


Needing help for living room

LIVING ROOM MEMORIES  208  (November 24, 2008) Today I decided to let someone else lead Living Room for awhile, as I give myself a chance to recover from this down period. It’s for times such as this that I have a partner and co-facilitators. My co-facilitator, a faithfilled and enthusiastic person who will be starting […]


A friend’s window of hope

LIVING ROOM MEMORIES  207  (November 22, 2019) My depression is dragging on, but in a roller coaster fashion – some days really bad, some not so bad. What occurs to me is that I’m actually in a position to learn a lot right now. I’ve been wanting to write about how a person can best […]


Resisting “poor me”

LIVING ROOM MEMORIES  206  (November 18, 2008) I woke up this morning in true depressed form, feeling awash with negative thoughts and bad feelings. Can’t help it, can you, when you’re in the midst of depression? And how you become turned inward, even self-centered, forgetting the good things – focusing instead on “poor me!” But […]


The email that unstuck me

LIVING ROOM MEMORIES  202  (November 9, 2008) I don’t know if all this is going to sound silly to you, but my final escape from my last depression came so clearly and so dramatically after I sent an email to over forty Living Room members last Sunday morning. Such power there was in that! I […]


Finally unstuck (to be cont’d)

LIVING ROOM MEMORIES  201  (November 7, 2008) As some of you know, I’ve been rather depressed for the past few weeks. I’m happy to say, though, that last Sunday I came unstuck from this down period. Free. Motivated once more. I did something that clearly got me there, but I’m not sure I should tell […]

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