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Stigma in church causes damage

LIVING ROOM MEMORIES  107  ( October 23, 2007) Why don’t people within the church feel comfortable discussing mental health issues? I think a major reason is that people don’t understand mental illness enough to be able to talk about it. They need education but are often not willing to be educated. Often it is fear. […]


Helping a church become supportive

LIVING ROOM MEMORIES   100  (September 15, 2007) In their comments a couple of blogging pals say how they wish they could find a place of worship like mine. I’m hoping that this post will help you understand that this support has only grown gradually, over time. I had to educate members of the congregation and […]


Church support at its best

LIVING ROOM MEMORIES  26  (November 8, 2006) I hope that my last post didn’t make people think that Christians in general are judgmental and unloving. Followers of Christ can be the most beautiful, the most loving of all. I’ve often told the story about a church friend of mine who came to me one day […]


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