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  Called the crisis line – the second time today. Wanting to  put an end to something. My enemies or me. Agitated, don’t know what to do. Impatient to end the wickedness. Betrayals…so many betrayals. Friends I had once blindly loved emotionally abused me, destroyed all I’d been, forced me out. Robbed me of what […]


Forgive them, Father

There came a time when the entire truth surfaced. Pain intensified and anger did as well. All that had been her life, the present and the past, stolen. Multiple betrayals. Reputation destroyed. Mental health damaged. Jesus told us to “Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you” (Matthew 5:44) She had obeyed as […]


Living with borderline: part 5 – betrayal

DIARY: Waking up, flooded with painful memories once more. Having given all she had, yet robbed. Robbed of all she invested, all that had made her feel worthy.   When something or someone is stolen from me while I’m rendered helpless because of mental ill health, the pain is excruciating. Being hurt in this way […]


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