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Walking a tightrope

LIVING ROOM MEMORIES  259  (November 25, 2009) My moods continue to go up and down. And when I feel OK, it’s as though I’m walking a tightrope, trying to maintain my balance so I don’t fall one way or another. Amazing how many symptoms there are to watch out for. And each time one of […]


Many irons in the fire

LIVING ROOM MEMORIES  246  (August 18, 2009) Life is a balancing act. Trying to find balance between work and play, solitude and being with others, quiet times and busy times. I’ve been working hard to find such a balance now-a-days. My last holiday showed me how refreshing it is to have down times. Times away […]


God’s work – not mine

LIVING ROOM MEMORIES  223  (February 20, 2009) “Nothing is impossible with God.” (Luke 1:37) I truly believe that to be true in how Living Room has developed. My own Living Room group has become strong and there are at least eight other groups going right now – and maybe more. More are in the works. […]


A balanced life

LIVING ROOM MEMORIES  23  (November 1, 2006) I think I’ve now stabilized and won’t have to push forward the doctor’s appointment I have in a couple of weeks. I feel good when I can go through a busy time – a bit of a destabilizing time – and yet stay on top – even though […]


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