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God’s one and only son

LIVING ROOM MEMORIES  124  (December 18, 2007) My mom-in-law is doing okay. She had her transfusion in the ER on the weekend. She is weak but in good spirits. On Thursday we’ll take her to the specialist to see what he can do. I’m still into a low grade depression. I can tell because I […]


The awe and wonder of it all

LIVING ROOM MEMORIES  120  (December 4, 2007) Last year’s Christmas was a stressful time for me. I truly suffered from all the negative aspects of the season: the huge number of fliers coming to the door irked me; the full parking lots at the mall overwhelmed me; the stores with the Christmas music and the […]


Advent is upon us

LIVING ROOM MEMORIES  118  (December 1, 2007) This morning, over my wonderful first cups of coffee of the day, I thought of how I would like to invite all my friends who believe in Jesus but aren’t presently going to church – to think about attending church this advent season. There’s so much stuff connected […]


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