I had thought I’d been emotionally destroyed. Not the “nice” girl I used to be.  All goodness gone.

Forever gone…I had thought.

I thought my personality had left me. The person who had shown kindness and love…joy. I thought who I had always been would be no more.

But today – amazingly – I believe I’m intact. Still here after all.

I praise you, God! How did you do that? How did it happen? …as though by magic.

What were the words I uttered? What prayers?

Lord Jesus, I believe much of it must be the love of those who care for me. Mostly the doctors and counselors. They comfort me. Though not believers, they care in godly ways. How dear they are to me!

They believed my story when others wouldn’t – not even those who call themselves friends. How thankful I am for them. Thankful for how they understand in a way most don’t.

Professional caregivers boost my spirit. They give me the courage to keep going. To keep living. To keep seeing that beyond this, there’s a future yet.

They encourage my faith in you, Lord, reminding me you’re still there, still mine, still in charge.

They see the truth in me.