God is not the problem. Not at all.

God did not cause this ugliness, people did. Nor is the Christian faith to blame.

What I see at the root of the wrong-doing that occurred is the presence of a sense of pride. The pride that all of us have in a greater or lesser degree holds us back from the humility God wants for his children. This pride within ourselves is a truth that each of us must face and wrestle with.

But some have this pride in greater proportions than others, even to the point of causing jealousy and hatred. This jealousy and hatred can easily lead to hurting others.

According to Simon M. Laham, Ph.D., writing in Psychology Today, “Pride is often cast as the most selfish of the deadly sins, and indeed, hubristic pride is a self-absorbed other-shunning emotion.”

Pride is no small sin. It can contribute to discrimination—causing people like me to be looked down on, not considered as worthy as others. Pride can lead to the following:

  • Accepting no responsibility for wrongdoing
  • Speaking constantly without listening
  • Only having concern for oneself.
  • Treating others as less than oneself, causing pain
  • Seeking recognition and exalting oneself.
  • Putting oneself before God.