He put a new song in my mouth,
a hymn of praise to our God.

Psalm 40:3


I would like to thank those who responded to the email I sent a week ago about a vision to introduce a more comprehensive peer support ministry.

This ministry could – amongst other things – offer a variety of resources essential to our spiritual and emotional growth. For example: Bible study guides, specifically designed for us. Interactive devotions to use with groups. How could this happen? The best way I can see would be an “OUR NEW SONG” website where such resources could be made available.

Here is what readers sent in last week:

  • A long-time reader from Illinois would like to help.
  • Another person from the US would like to see online support groups for those without access to regular groups.
  • Another person’s reaction was: “people need people.”
  • Yet another suggested meetings via Skype
  • Another told me about the value of meetings via Zoom.
  • A person who has been running a Living Room group and Family Room group together with her husband for three years loves the work but has a constant need for resources.
  • A pastor living with mental illness also sends his support.

That’s a great start! Thank you again for your interest and willingness to contribute ideas. We have lots to work on. I will have more in another week.

Please do keep your thoughts coming. It’s good to hear them!