Why don’t people treat me like others?
What’s wrong with me?
They’ll not speak to me,
nor am I welcome to speak.
No longer are my opinions heard.
Significant emails not answered.

Treated as less than human,
words and actions hurt deep,
with no regard to feelings.
Anger replaced my tears.

One day respected, but the next without worth.

What happened to those I once loved?
Where have they gone?

Who has changed more? Them or me?
I’ve lost who I was,
and I’ve lost those I once called friends.

I serve the same God.
But no longer feel part of his family.

The pain, Lord!
No one understands the pain.
Will anyone ever?

This is what it is to be stigmatized.
It damages lives and leaves pain we don’t forget.

It’s not of God.
It’s evil.

Help me dear Lord. Help me heal.
And help the many who suffer like me.