Are you longing for a closer walk with God? Then you might be interested in joining Fellowship with God, a small group of no more than six people.

This study is especially designed to help those with mental health issues, emotional problems, trauma, and any other possible distresses that affect the mind and make a normal life difficult.

We will meet weekly to talk about how God can help us through our highs and lows. Through God we can find strength, peace and compassion not available anywhere else..

A ladies’ group will be starting at Marja Bergen’s house during the week of September 18th. We will meet between 1:30 and 3:30 pm on a weekday, whichever day works best for participants.

PLACE: 4388 Buchanan Street, near Brentwood Mall and transit.

TO SIGN UP: email marja at  (Please note: there will be a limit of six participants.)

Check this link to preview the study guide we’ll be using (Cost: $8):