The study guides are ready to go, six individuals signed up (room for two more), and on Wednesday, September 20th the first meeting will be held at Marja’s house.

Fellowship with God is a study for individuals suffering from the effects of mental health issues, trauma, emotional pain, and other possible distresses that make a normal life difficult. It introduces God as someone who can be a friend to us throughout our highs and lows.

The Bible says that God’s ways are not like our ways. God’s love is not like the world’s love. God’s love is REAL and PURE, TOTAL and FOREVER. He FORGIVES. We can trust God and talk to him like we can to no one else.

In a Fellowship with God group you will learn to walk with God and let him be your guide as you journey through life. You will learn how God can help you live, though life is difficult. Having him beside you is especially important to help you through crises when they come along. When you stay close to him through prayer and reading God’s word, the Bible, you’ll find strength, peace and compassion not available anywhere else.

Guides are available to anyone who wishes to start a group. Contact me at if you’d like to know more. To preview guide, click