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The link between feeling and doing

LIVING ROOM MEMORIES  64  (April 23, 2007) I’ve been trying to focus on doing rather than focusing on my what I feel, but find the two are so linked it’s almost impossible to separate the two. Today I have a fairly long to-do list. Actually, it’s not really that long, but it feels long because […]


Recommended by therapist

LIVING ROOM MEMORIES  63  (April 18, 2007) Yesterday I had a call from a therapist who wanted to know about Living Room. He wants to send his Christian clients to us because so often they feel that being depressed means that they’re bad Christians. They also don’t want to take medication. Living Room is a […]


Gift of each new day

LIVING ROOM MEMORIES  62  (April 18, 2007) You may think this a rather trite thing to say, but we can’t take for granted the gift each new day brings to us. It’s amazing how much difference a day can make in my mood. Each morning I wake up and wonder, ‘What will this day bring? […]


Living room’s holy joy

LIVING ROOM MEMORIES  61  (April 14, 2007) Yesterday we had a meeting of our Living Room group. And once more, as always, I had a wonderful feeling after – a quietly joyful feeling (I call it “holy joy”). And that feeling is still somewhat with me, though of course, gradually fading. But I’m happy and […]


Love, the food of life

LIVING ROOM MEMORIES  60  (April 12, 2007) Psychiatrist Harold Koenig, in his book, New Light on Depression, wrote: “Love – unconditional love – is the ultimate long-term antidote for depression, for at its core love is connected with faith and hope.” I’ve liked that statement ever since I first read it. I have found out […]


Moods, a rainbow of colour

LIVING ROOM MEMORIES  59  (April 9, 2007) Going through the endless ups and downs I’ve been experiencing lately I have come to, once more, realize what a powerful effect our moods have on our lives. I’ve only had several black days but many rather down days. My current life is painting quite a clear picture […]


Up and down I go

LIVING ROOM MEMORIES  58  (April 4, 2007) It seems as if every experience with episodes is unique. I don’t think I’ve ever had the kinds of ups and downs I have had recently. I go from a normal state one day to being stuck in a dark pit the next. Don’t know what to make […]


Unconditional love

LIVING ROOM MEMORIES  57 (April 1, 2007) I’ve been feeling very subdued – spiritual – looking for something good, something creative to bring forth from the unbalanced times I’m going through. I want to learn from what I’m experiencing, something of value that I can share with others. This is all I feel up to […]


Every day is new

LIVING ROOM MEMORIES  56  (March 28, 2007) Although the last couple of days were a struggle, today began well and continues to go well. I had my company and we had a good time talking about our lives. She did her cross-stitching while I knitted a dishcloth. There is something very natural and comfortable about […]


Amazing thing about walks

LIVING ROOM MEMORIES  55  (March 25, 2007) I went for a good long walk with a friend who is also experiencing depression. It was the first dry day of the month. The skies were still cloudy, but bright. We talked lots, even praying for a while as we walked. Part of our walk took us […]

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