See, I am doing a new thing!
Now it springs up; do you not perceive it?
I am making a way in the wilderness
and streams in the wasteland.

Isaiah 43:19


Everyone has troubles. Some of us have a lot of them – so many that we get overwhelmed. It becomes hard to remember the good things God has for us. Happy days don’t come along as often. As we get older and things become more difficult it’s hard to imagine there’s a future to look forward to. How depressing to be saddled with so much!

I wonder if your prayer might be like mine:

What’s happened to the life I used to know, Lord? Is it really gone forever? It’s so sad to look back and remember the way things used to be. I wish I could turn the clock back. I know. That would be impossible.

Lord, I hear you say that though the past with all its wonderful memories is gone, the future holds promises too. We do have a future. It will be different, yes. But with new possibilities – possibilities that we cannot imagine right now. They may very well bring a joy of their own.

I know you, Lord, and I know what you’re like. I believe that as long as we live, and as long as there are people around us, you will give us work to do – work that will bring joy when we take you with us. There is so much we can do to minister to others. Simple, but important things.

There are always people around who we can cheer with a smile. People who have stories to tell and who might like to hear ours. We can help those who are lonely feel less lonely. We can be your presence for people who’ve never known you, showing them what your love looks like. What could be more meaningful?

Yes, Lord, I believe you have a new life for us. You will show us what can happen when we continue our life with you. And all we have to do is keep the doors to our hearts open, welcoming you, keeping company with you.

Lord, I do believe – from the bottom of my heart – that with you there’s always something good around the corner – no matter how difficult life might look today.

Thank you for your goodness and your love.